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You deserve the smile you've always wanted; we're here to help you achieve it.

At Dental Republic, we believe you deserve to flash a smile you love. If you feel self-conscious about the condition of your teeth, are tired of seeing dark stains or spots, or maybe, you want a smile makeover, let us help.

Our dentists use a range of techniques for aesthetic dentistry such as tooth bonding, veneers and crowns, clear aligners, teeth whitening or tooth replacement options to give you a smile you're confident with.

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Cosmetic dental treatments in Traralgon

Our cosmetic services include:

Complimentary Information Sessions

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These sessions are perfect for patients who are unsure about where to begin or aren't ready to commit to a particular cosmetic procedure. You'll meet with one of Dental Republic's experienced dental experts and explore the treatments and options that are available.
These sessions are entirely obligation-free; we provide them to support you in making an educated and confident decision whenever you're ready.


Dental Crowns provide added strength, durability and stability to teeth that have been heavily repaired, root canal treated or broken.
Typically made from materials such as porcelain and porcelain/metal combinations, crowns not only help improve the appearance of your teeth but provide additional reinforcement.
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Gum lifts / Contouring

Gums are a vital part of a great smile. For patients who feel their teeth are too short or the gum is overly prominent or uneven, gum contouring is an excellent solution. 

This cosmetic treatment involves reshaping the gingival (gum) tissue to a more desirable appearance.
A 'gum lift' or contouring involves one or more dental procedures, which raise and sculpt your upper gum line to achieve the appearance you're after. Our experienced dentists will examine your mouth and advise you if you're a suitable candidate for gum contouring. If you decide that a gum lift is right for you, we'll ensure you have all the details you need about what the treatment involves, its costs, and the possible risks.


Veneers can help you achieve beautiful looking teeth and a smile you love.

Veneers are a cosmetic procedure that involves bonding a thin permanent, hand-crafted porcelain or composite facing to the front surface of your tooth. They're strong and durable and designed to enhance your smile.
Veneers are commonly used to correct:
Stained and discoloured teeth
Irregular or uneven shaped teeth
Mild crowding or gaps between front teeth
Heavily filled front teeth or teeth that have undergone trauma.
The two types of veneers explained (Composite vs Porcelain)
Composite Veneers (also known as bonding)
These are made from a hand-crafted white resin filling and bonded to your tooth enamel. Only one visit is required, and reduction of enamel is minimal. Composite veneers are a cost-effective option. However, they're not stain resistant.
Porcelain Veneers
Porcelain veneers are very thin and durable, being made at a dental lab. They're the premium option for veneers and provide more ability to customise the shape, style, colour and texture.

Complimentary dental veneer consultation

woman smiling with dental veneers
Our team will help you choose veneers that suit your face shape and budget. We offer digital smile design, which allows us to simulate an image of your new smile digitally.

With careful behind the scenes treatment planning, you can then "test drive" your smile before the actual procedure takes place. This is just another visual tool that we can use to help create the smile of your dreams.

We would love to help you embark on your new smile journey. Contact us to arrange your complimentary dental veneer consultation.
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